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Disc Golf

DISC GOLF – We are proud to announce the arrival or our newest addition to the Skunk. As of February 2009 we offer a wide selection of discs from Innova Discs Golf and customs stamped discs from the San Francisco Disc Golf Club. We strongly encourage you to support the SFDGC who are dedicated to promoting the sport of disc golf and developing a sense of community for disc golfers in San Francisco. SFDGC’s dedication and hard work has paid off in the building of the neighborhood’s Golden Gate Park Disc Golf Course on JFK @ Marx Meadows (a stones throw from the Skunk). Membership applications are available at the shop. We have now designated a LOST & FOUND area in the shop. Please feel free to drop off any lost disc you may have found or swing by to look for your lost disc. I.D. is required and is based on the honor & good karma system. We advise you to write your name and telephone # on your disc.

Some of the current disc golf products in the shop. Below are some shots of the latest batch of Purple Skunk Innova discs in the shop. We have the Wraiths, Destroyers, Tee Birds, Beasts & Aviars in sizes ranging from 150-175.

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